We have the vehicle to get you there Book a Rental!

We have the vehicle to get you there Book a Rental!

Kalmar Ottawa Shunt Trucks

Kalmar Ottawa became a legal entity in 1943 as Ottawa Steel Products, Inc. making attachments for farm equipment. After many years the company has undergone various changes that lead up to its most current and known product, the terminal tractor and the name Ottawa Truck. Today Ottawa truck is the global leader in terminal tractors, with over 70, 000 units. Kalmar trucks are known for their high-level quality and reliability.

Terminal Tractors, or also known as a Spotter Trucks, Yard Trucks, and Shunt Trucks, are an effective solution for transporting containers. Calmont is proud to be a franchise dealer for Ottawa Shunt Trucks in Alberta, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Our knowledgeable sales team will assist you with making the purchasing process easy and efficient so you can keep your business running at top performance.

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